Sell Your Boss

Need help in getting your manager’s approval to attend Live! 360 Tech Con? We can help! Copy and paste this Form Letter below to share all of the benefits of attending. You do not want to miss it!

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Dear <manager-name>:

I would like to attend Live! 360, November 17-22, 2024 in Orlando, FL. This conference has some of the best developer, data, security, and IT-focused content in the industry, and is comprised of these 6 co-located events:

  • Visual Studio Live!
  • Data Platform Live!
  • TechMentor
  • Artificial Intelligence Live!
  • Cloud & Containers Live!
  • Cybersecurity & Ransomware Live!

The conference is produced by the producers of,,,,,,,, and is supported by Microsoft.

The training sessions and workshops at Live! 360 Tech Con will:

  • Grant me access to six (6) events, and over two hundred sessions that address the most relevant technology topics and challenges faced by businesses just like ours.
  • Improve my technical skills and make me a more valuable asset to the company.
  • Give me the opportunity to learn from both Microsoft and independent industry experts.
  • Make me more efficient and productive by shaving time and endless cycles off my projects. Saving even 10 minutes an hour, would give me over 345 hours per year to spend on other critical projects.
  • Allow me to network with other professionals in different industries to share best practices and gain new perspectives on the technology I work with daily.
  • Open new avenues for me to find solutions for our biggest business and technology challenges.

The six conferences provide in-depth real-world training on:

Visual Studio Live!

  • Modern Software Engineering
  • Cloud Computing
  • Database and Analytics
  • New Experiences - Mobile, Desktop, and Native Clients
  • Human Factors in Engineering
  • Visual Studio / .NET
  • Web Client
  • Web Server
  • And More...

Data Platform Live!

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Data Lake, Lakehouse and Warehouse
  • Database Administration & Maintenance
  • Database Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Streaming and Event Data Techniques
  • And More...


  • Client and Endpoint Management
  • Cloud - Public Hybrid Private
  • Classic Infrastructure
  • Soft Skills for ITPros
  • Security
  • Cutting Edge AI
  • Office / Microsoft 365 for the IT Pro
  • And More...

Artificial Intelligence Live!

  • Large Language Model Technology
  • Generative AI and RAG Toolchain
  • Copilot Development
  • Intelligent Applications
  • Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries
  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Platforms
  • Production ML and MLOps
  • Bias, Interpretability and Explainability
  • Data Visualization
  • Cloud ML Platforms
  • Tools and Platforms
  • ML and Spark
  • And More...

Cloud & Containers Live!

  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud-Native Software Development
  • Cloud DevOps
  • And More...

Cybersecurity & Ransomware Live!

  • Ransomware Industry
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Human Intelligence
  • Security Operations Center
  • Incident Response
  • Blue Team
  • Red Team
  • Purple Team
  • OT & IoT Security
  • And More...

If you have any questions about Live! 360 Tech Con and the six co-located events, please let me know, and I will share the conference literature with you. You can also view the 2024 conference website at There are several conference packages available to purchase, ranging from full conference and hotel packages to one day passes.

Thank you for considering my request.