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Cloud & Containers Live! Panel Discussion: Cloud is Mainstream, What's Next?


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Mike Benkovich

Developer, Business Owner, Consultant, Cloud Architect, Microsoft Azure MVP and an Online Instructor

Eric D. Boyd

Founder and CEO


Tony Champion


Champion DS

Ted Neward


Neward and Associates

“The Cloud”, as with any massive change to computing, has taken well over a decade to mature and become mainstream. We are now at the point where nearly any server-side code or services run in some form of cloud, or organizations at least are planning how to move to a cloud-based platform in the future.

The impact of this is still being felt, especially in the IT Pro space, with the Ops part of DevOps increasingly becoming automated and code-driven, and the ancient art of data center planning becoming a thing of the past. Does the future of the IT world still have room for Linux or Windows admins? Wires and pliers? Or is it all Terraform, Ansible, PowerShell, and bash? Are on-premises databases still a thing? Should they be? Why? Should organizations manage their own identity, or delegate that to cloud providers?

On the app dev side, are our languages and libraries sufficient to support truly cloud-native architectures and environments? Java and C# are powerful, but can they compete with Go or Rust? Are containers still relevant when WebAssembly with WASI is maturing rapidly? What happens to languages that can’t efficiently run in containers? Or in rustlet-style WebAssembly hosting?

And what about cloud fabrics themselves; is Kubernetes the endgame, or just a step on the road? Is there room for another open-source orchestrator, or would organizations prefer to tie themselves to vendor-specific fabrics in AWS, Azure, GCP, etc?

These, and other topics you bring to this panel, will be discussed our panel of industry experts.