Azure (Public/Hybrid)

TMTH02 Azure Storage and Security Best Practices


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Karinne Bessette

Technologist, PS


Rick Vanover

Senior Director Product Strategy


Use Azure Storage the right way with these key best practices on security and administration. Whether it is Azure Metrics, Azure Advisor or simple visibility into Azure storage resources, these tips will help you consume and manage Azure storage better.

Using Azure Storage is a natural choice today, but the day-to-day administration of storage in the cloud is not the same as what would happen on-premises with traditional storage. In this session, Azure MVP Rick Vanover and tech ninja Karinne Bessette will showcase specific Azure administration and security practices for Azure storage.

The need for having some insight to best practices for using Azure storage will help ensure your data in the cloud is available, secure and ready for use. Some practical tips include how to use Azure advisor for storage accounts to ensure that day-to-day administration and changes in storage account usage do not expose new problems or vulnerabilities. Additionally, this session will show how some tools such as Azure Storage Explorer, can help manage storage accounts with ease.

You will learn:

  • Practical tips for Azure Storage Administration
  • Practical tips for Azure Security Administration
  • Ways to use Azure Storage Services in a more intentional way